The Leadership Team serve to shepherd and protect the vision, ministry partners, and staff of our church. The Leadership Team was appointed by Pastor Ken to assist him in the execution of the vision and mission. The Leadership Team form a representative body that serves to oversee operations and to make final decisions regarding the direction of our church. They approve all budget, staffing, and other major decisions. The Leadership Team protect the workings of our church by providing accountability and consistency of vision.


Ken Porter

Senior Pastor
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Pastor Ken Porter Sr. was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of Rev. Eddie and Ora Nell Porter. At an early age, Pastor Ken confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and allowed God to use him through music. He was a member of a family gospel group called The Sweet Kingdom Aires and The Ever-Ready’s of Detroit, MI. Pastor Ken served as a “Junior Deacon” and in May, 1979 he was installed as an Ordained Deacon at Sweet Kingdom Baptist Church, Detroit, MI.

After moving to North Carolina, Pastor Ken continued singing. He joined various groups including the Gospel Jubilees, The Kingdom Heirs, and The Gospel Riders. He worked as a Marketing & Sales Manager at Time Warner Cable for 20 years, and a Mail Carrier for the United Postal Service. He has developed a reputation as a servant who works with and manages people with a kind heart and a pleasant smile. He has witnessed Jesus Christ to co-workers, friends, strangers and family members; by letting the love of Jesus Christ reign over his life.

Pastor Ken’s formal education includes studies at Moody Bible Institute and North Eastern Regional Bible College where he earned a degree in Biblical Studies. He is currently continuing his education under the Bachelor of Arts, Ministry Programs.

On March 18, 2012, Pastor Ken preached his initial sermon:  Romans 7:14-25 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – A Christians Autobiography at Body of Christ Church under the leadership of Pastor Kelvin Redmond.  He was ordained on July 28, 2013. Pastor Ken served in many ministries. He served as ministry leader for Deacons at Body of Christ Church since the ministry’s inception in 1996. Pastor Porter and his wife served as Choir Members, Praise & Worship Leaders, and Covenant Ministries Leaders.  He also served as a Deacon for 16 years at Wake Chapel Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC, under the tutelage of Pastor G.A. Jones, Jr. and Pastor John Wilkins.

On January 19, 2014, Pastor Ken answered the call to launch Covenant Life Fellowship, a church where believers live a Covenant Life through Fellowship with God and His people.   Covenant Life Fellowship is in Raleigh, NC.

Pastor Ken gives all glory to God for blessing him with the union in marriage to the former Beverly Nalls.  To this union they have two children, Kenneth R Porter, II and Jordan L Porter.

Minister Ken has a passion for communicating God’s word with accuracy, clarity, spiritual passion, and a determination to be “Faithful” to the Word of God.

Bev Porter

Leadership Team, Administrator
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Bev Porter was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She is the daughter of Oscar and Pearlie Nalls. She is youngest of seven children.   At an early age, Bev confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior and allowed God to use her.

Bev is married to Ken Porter, Pastor of Covenant Life Fellowship (CLF).  To this union they have two children, Kenneth R Porter, Jr. and Jordan L Porter.  They relocated to Raleigh, NC immediately after they married in 1981.   She serves on the CLF Executive Ministry Board, is a faithful member of the choir, counsel couples on the sanctity of marriage, and serves as an advisor to many other church auxiliaries.  With the spirit of Esther resting upon her life, she is constantly on the move doing what God has appointed and anointed her to do. Under the leadership and training of her husband and Pastor, she teaches and ministers in various capacities throughout the community.

Bev considers her greatest achievement to “becoming a child of God.”  Moved with the compassion of Christ, she extends a hand to the community in various ways.  Bev is committed to letting the glorious light of the gospel shine through her.  Her greatest desire is to glorify God, bless others, and continue to grow in the things of God.  She lives by three principles:  make a difference, laugh a lot, and no regrets.

Bev Porter is the Director of the Career Management Center at North Carolina State University.  Prior to joining NC State, Bev was a Corporate Relations Director at Duke University where she served for ten years.  She is an avid traveler and has visited over 26 countries.

Bev earned a B.A. in Materials and Logistics Management  from Michigan State University and a Masters of Education in Counseling from North Carolina State University

Alan Underwood

Leadership Team, Deacon, Education
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Deacon Ministry: Ministry Leader- Alan Underwood: Currently leading or co-leading the following ministries: New Ministry Partners Ministry/ Men’s Fellowship / Christian Education

  • Family Status: Native of Wilson, NC. Third of 4 children born to Leary W. and Pearline V. Underwood. Married to former Jacqueline Briscoe of Oxford, NC since 1975. Father of two sons – Rahman and Gregory
  • Education: Associate of Biblical Studies – Central Christian University (Northeastern Regional Bible College), Oxford, NC – (2015); Bachelor of Science from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC (1974)
  • Christian Experience: Accepted Jesus Christ in 1977 at Friendship Baptist Church (Baltimore, MD). Served as advisor to various ministries within the local church including Ushers and Greeters, Choir. Served in various teaching ministries including Sunday School, prison ministries and in various local outreach ministries and international missions including Ghana, West Africa and Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
  • Deacons Ministry Experience: Deacons ministry service includes the following churches: Body of Christ Church (1999-2013), Wake Chapel Baptist Church of Raleigh, NC (1985-1998) and Friendship Baptist Church of Baltimore, MD (1980-1984).

Profession: Data Analyst at Grifols, Inc (RTP, NC, 2009- Present). Professional experience includes many years of  professional experience in various industries including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, manufacturing and state government